NetEnt Casino Tournaments

NetEnt has been a leading software company in the online gamble industry for many years, so it goes without saying that their licensed casino sites are great choices for those looking for tournament action. With casino tournaments, players will compete against others on some of the most popular games. The winners will enjoy portions of prize pools and there are many types of tournaments that can be entered by registered players. From free events to those with buy-ns, there is a tournament available for all players on all sorts of great games.

What are Casino Tournaments?

A casino tournament is a competition between registered players, vying for the highest spot in a leaderboard. These events are a great way to enjoy some of the top NetEnt games with the added chance of winning impressive prize pools. As players play against others, the results are calculated and displayed on the leaderboard so players are always aware of their tournament standings. Casino tournaments may be hosted on slot machines, blackjack, poker and a variety of other games.

Types of Casino Tournaments

Each online casino will host a variety of tournament types. These events can offer invitational tourneys for VIP players and even freeroll events for anyone registered. Here, players will learn of the various tournament types that are hosted at NetEnt casinos.

  • Ticket for Entry Events – With a ticket for entry tournament, players will be required to purchase a ticket to become an active player in the tournament. These tournaments have a determined length and a fixed start and end time. The prizes that are offered are divided amongst the top players when the event ends. Some events offer cash prizes while other present products that can be won, such as iPads, televisions and even great get-aways.
  • High Roller Invitational Tournaments – The high roller tournaments that are hosted by NetEnt casinos will require an invitation to join. These events are usually reserved for VIP players and offer higher paying prize pools. High roller tournaments will require a larger buy-in amount, but the prizes are grand, with thousands of dollars being offered.
  • Free to Enter Tournaments – Free online casino tournaments are offered to any registered player and there is no cost to enter. These are often referred to as freeroll tournaments. While these do have lower paying prize pools. They offer an exciting experience to all players, regardless of their spending habits in the casino.
  • Sit and Go Tourneys – Sit and Go tournaments are common with poker games, but can also be found for slot machines. With these tournaments, players will register and once there are enough players signed up, the event will begin. These tournaments are often buy-in events that have moderate prize pools.

Understanding Tournament Leader Boards

Each tournament in NetEnt casinos will have a leaderboard. This board displays the current leaders in the event. Understanding these boards is pretty simple. The top players who have win the most during the tournament will be seeded on the leaderboard based on how much they have won.

The leaderboards are updated on a regular basis. For events that last for longer periods of time, these boards can be updated multiple times per day. Players can always check in to see where they sit on the board to determine if they have a chance at being a top player who will collect a prize from the event. Leaderboards are clearly displayed and are easy to understand. They will provide the player information, their current place and their current winnings for the event happening.

Where to Find Tournaments

NetEnt casino tournaments can be found at any online casino that is powered by NetEnt. The casino will notify players of any upcoming tournaments, and there will also be a dedicated page the reveals tournament information, including buy-in amounts, dates of events and possible prize pools. Any registered player at a NetEnt casino is eligible to participate in the tournaments that are hosted. On this page, we offer a live tournament feed that can direct players to some of the best tourneys online.

How to Enter

To enter any of the NetEnt slots tournaments or other events, one must have a real money account and have made a deposit to that account. Players will then be allowed to select a tournament from the list of events that are hosted. All tournaments, with the exception of invitational tourneys will be open to players.

For freeroll events, there is no need to pay, but players will have to sign up through the site. Once players register for any tournament that is offered, they will be given details on when the event starts, the cost to play, the availability of re-buys and any other options that are presented.

Tips for Winning

Winning an online casino tournament is not overly difficult. The winners are determined by who has performed the best during the length of eh event, which is depicted by the leaderboard. The player with the best payout percentages will be at the top of the list. Winners are also chosen based on how much money has been won, players who have the most winnings over 20 consecutive rounds and players with the best payout percentages over 20 consecutive rounds of play.

Before starting any tournament, players are urged to read the specific tournament rules, which will highlight how the winners are chosen. These rules will also tell players who will receive portions of the prize pool. For small events, it could only be the top 10 players, but with large events, hundreds of players can win.